Sending Commands by Colissimo

If you have a small budget, know that it is possible to reduce the price of your package. Compare postage rates and postage offers already by filling in the characteristics of your shipment in the tool on your right.

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Send a parcel

  1. Choose a standard delivery time Your shipment is not urgent? You can then opt for the range of Colissimo frankings, which offers only standard delivery times (48 hours for France, a few days for Europe and the world *). It is suitable for people on a limited budget who do not have the need to send an express package with the carrier Chronopost, for example.

With Tarif Colissimo, you benefit from many services included: the proof of deposit given to the sender, tracking package via the Internet, compensation for loss or damage, hand delivery to the recipient, and a delay of guaranteed delivery for many destinations abroad.

  1. Reduce the weight of the package The costs of sending a package are also calculated according to its weight. If possible, remove unnecessary things and prefer a cardboard packaging rather than wood or metal, heavier and therefore more expensive.

  2. Compare shipping rates Using our comparator parcel delivery online, you just have to complete the destination and the characteristics of the shipment, and automatically present you a list of different parcel delivery prices and express delivery of our partners, in a simple and effective way.

Each of our partners will then offer you the type of service, the date of collection, the date and time of delivery and the price of the offer. Then you just have to choose the one that suits you the most according to your needs.

  1. Choose an already stamped package To be certain of what you pay for and not risk sending a package that is too big, too heavy or out of size, you can buy an already stamped package.

Ready-to-Send Colissimo packaging is suitable for all shipments to France and abroad, from 1 to 7 kg, of the flexible pouch to send documents to solid cardboard boxes to pack objects.

  1. Compare offers to find the cheapest In order to find the best price and the best carrier for your shipment, use our price comparison! It offers several solutions at different prices that correspond to the characteristics you have entered.

It's up to you to choose the fare and the carrier that suits you to send a cheap package!

  1. Save money Thanks to our negotiated rates with our partners, save money on your parcel shipments. You will benefit from the best market prices through the services of La Poste offered on the site and save up to 70% on your parcels, whether with Chronopost, Colissimo, UPS, DHL or FedEx, each of our partners is recognized for the quality of its delivery services.

Also save time! Our site helps you to compare the best rates for sending parcels in France and abroad. You will also have access to online tracking of your package in real time and you can benefit from our customer service to guide you and answer your questions about your package.

  1. Sending parcels internationally Do you want to send a package abroad or to overseas territories? Take advantage of our attractive international rates. Colissimo allows you to ship your packages around the world: in Europe (Germany, England, Spain, ...), Asia (China, Japan, Thailand ...), America (USA, Canada, Mexico, ...) but also in Africa and Oceania.

  2. Reuse your packaging for cheap package shipments Our planet needs you and that also means recycling your parcels packaging. What's more, it will allow you to optimize your delivery costs and thus generate more profits. When you have parcel returns, do not hesitate to reuse the packaging if it is in good condition. Some e-commerce sites manage to gain huge sums through the reuse of packaging and protection materials. You can even ask your family and friends who receive parcels to send you boxes or to negotiate with shops around you, etc. The ideas for being green and thrifty are numerous.

  3. Use an online postage service Optimize the management of your package shipments, the printing of your labels and the delivery follow-up via a simple dashboard will save you a lot of time. Carriers usually offer dedicated postage platforms but if you have multiple delivery methods you will have to juggle multiple interfaces. By going through an online postage solution like Colissimo, you have control over your entire shipping process and you have access to much more interesting shipping rates. And you especially avoid waiting at the post office!

At a glance, the 3 major advantages of online postage: